Pillar 2 - School Disaster Management

Pillar 2 - School Disaster Management addresses school safety through disaster management planning and processes including in the following areas: assessment and planning; physical, environmental, and social protection; response skills and provisions; representative/participatory SDM linked to school-based management; educational continuity planning; standard operating procedures; contingency planning.

The resources included in the tables below provide guidance on Pillar 2: School Disaster Management.

Research and Guidance

LanguageResource TypeTitlePublisherYear
ENReport Assessing School Safety Baseline ReportUNDRR2012
ENOnline LessonIntroduction to Participatory School Disaster Management: Online LessonSave the Children2016
ENReportParticipatory School Disaster Management ResourcesASEAN, Save the Children2016
ENResearch ReportUganda - Strengthening education sector planning capacities for conflict and disaster risk managementIIEP2016
ENCase StudyNationwide School Earthquake Drills in IranGADRRRES2017
ENCase StudyProtecting Children in Emergencies by Law in the PhilippinesGADRRRES2017
ENCase StudyDeveloping School Plans and Performing Drills in Los AngelesGADRRRES2017
ENCase StudyScaling-up Comprehensive School Safety Assessment in Laos and IndonesiaGADRRRES2017
ENResearch into Action Brief & SummarySchool emergency drillsGADRRRES2018
ENBibliographic Database Child-centred risk reduction and Comprehensive School Safety Bibliographic DatabaseSave the Children2018
ENGuidance Education Sector RecoveryGFDRR2019
ENReport ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative:Enhancing the Environment for Education Continuity in Multi-hazard settings in ASEANASSI2019