Pillar 1-Safe Learning Facilities

Pillar 1 - Safe Learning Facilities addresses school safety through structural components including in the following areas: school site selection, building codes, disaster resilient and 'green' design, performance standards, builder training, construction supervision, quality control, remodeling, retrofit, and water, sanitation and hygiene.

The resources listed in the tables below provide guidance on implementing Pillar 1: Safe Learning Facilities.

Practitioner Guidance

Resource TypeTitlePublisherYear
Case StudySeismic Renovation and Reconstruction of Schools in UzbekistanGADRRRES2017
Case StudyGuiding Local Governments to Strengthen Unsafe Schools in JapanGADRRRES2017
Case StudyDesigning and Building Earthquake-Safe Schools in Uttar PradeshGADRRRES2017
Case StudyAssessing and Implementing Structural Interventions for Schools in ChinaGADRRRES2017
Case StudyScaling-up Comprehensive School Safety Assessment in Laos and IndonesiaGADRRRES2017
GuidanceTowards Safer School Construction: A community-based approachGADRRRES2015
GuidanceGuidance Notes on Safer School ConstructionGADRRRES2009
Guidance Global Program for Safer Schools (GPSS)GADRRRES