Pillar 1: Safe Learning Facilities

Pillar 1 - Safe Learning Facilities addresses school safety through structural components including in the following areas:  school site selection, building codes, disaster resilient and 'green' design, performance standards, builder training, construction supervision, quality control, remodeling, retrofit, and water, sanitation and hygiene.

The resources listed in the tables below provide guidance on implementing Pillar 1: Safe Learning Facilities.

Practitioner Guidance
CSS Policy Case Study - Pillar 1 UZBEKISTANGADRRRES2017
CSS Policy Case Study - Pillar 1 JAPANGADRRRES2017
CSS Policy Case Study - Pillar 1 INDIAGADRRRES2017
CSS Policy Case Study - Pillar 1 CHINAGADRRRES2017
CSS Policy Case Study - CSS SuiteGADRRRES2017
Towards Safer School Construction: A community-based approachGFDRR, Save the Children, Risk RED, UNESCO, ARUP2015
Guidance Notes on Safer School ConstructionGFDRR, INEE, UNISDR2009
Global Program for Safer Schools (GPSS)GFDRR