Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools

The Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools (WISS) is a government-led global partnership that aims at securing political commitment and fostering safe schools implementation globally. WISS motivates and supports Governments to develop and implement national school safety policies, plans and programs in combination with the three technical aspects of Comprehensive School Safety. For more information, view the WISS informational document (PDF) and the WISS Action Plan (PDF)

The Worldwide Initiative offers technical assistance and particular expertise to support interested Governments in implementing Comprehensive School Safety at the national level, and promotes good practices and achievements in safe school implementation for replication in other countries and regions. Technical resources provided by GADRRRES can be found on the WISS Technical Support Package page.

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Currently, 41 countries have signed up to WISS:

Eastern and Southern Africa Middle East and North Africa West and Central Africa Latin America and the Caribbean North America Central Asia
Madagascar Algeria Nigeria Bolivia USA Kazakhstan
South Africa I.R. Iran Brazil Kyrgyzstan
Lebanon Costa Rica Turkmenistan
Qatar Ecuador
Tunisia Honduras
Turkey México
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
East Asia South Asia Southeast Asia Pacific & Oceania Central and Eastern Europe Western Europe
China Nepal Cambodia Fiji Armenia Finland
Japan Indonesia Papua New Guinea Croatia Italy
Lao PDR Samoa Georgia
Philippines Tuvalu
Thailand Vanuatu

The WISS Technical Package provides support for school safety implementation in WISS member countries. The package includes resources addressing the components of Comprehensive School Safety, focused on:

Download the WISS Technical Package [PDF2.48MB]
WISS Support Resources
Research & Evidence
Pillar 1 - Safe Learning Facilities
Pillar 2 - School Disaster Management
Pillar 3 - Risk Reduction and Resilience Education