GADRRRES Global Activities

GADRRRES manages a variety of ongoing activities and projects. Activities being carried out jointly by all members of GADRRRES are listed below, while more details about other activities can be found on each respective working group page.

Comprehensive School Safety Framework

The Comprehensive School Safety Framework (CSSF) provides a comprehensive approach to reducing risks from all hazards to the education sector by addressing three pillars of school safety:

The CSSF aims to provide a unified focus for child-centered and evidence-based efforts to promote Disaster Risk Reduction throughout the education sector and to assure universal access to quality education. Read more about the CSSF here.

Comprehensive School Safety Assessment Suite

The Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) Assessment Suite provides tools to assist education sector actors in assessing Comprehensive School Safety and identifying schools with the most critical unsafe conditions. Read more about the CSS Assessment Suite here.

Comprehensive School Safety Targets and Indicators

The Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES) and the Worldwide Initiative for School Safety (WISS) have both identified the need for a complete set of Targets and Indicators for Comprehensive School Safety. The GADRRRES Ad Hoc Committee on CSS Targets and Indicators is leading in this effort.

Worldwide Initiative for School Safety (WISS)

The Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools (WISS) is a government-led global partnership that aims at securing political commitment and fostering safe schools implementation globally. WISS motivates and supports Governments to develop and implement national school safety policies, plans and programs in combination with the three technical aspects of Comprehensive School Safety.

The Worldwide Initiative offers technical assistance and particular expertise to support interested Governments in implementing Comprehensive School Safety at the national level, and promotes good practices and achievements in safe school implementation for replication in other countries and regions. To learn more, and submit an application, click here.