Safe Schools Context Analyses

The Safe Schools Context Analysis (SCCA) used to be known as the Education Sector Snapshot for Comprehensive School Safety and Education in Emergencies.

The Safe Schools Context Analysis Template

What is the SSCA template?

The SSCA template is for the national (sub-national) coordination mechanism for school safety and education in emergencies to populate. Once populated, it provides a brief and readable context analysis, including the essential information for individuals and organisations to be able to:

What does the SSCA template include?

The SSCA template also includes appendices:

The Safe Schools Context Analysis – country versions

Download SSCA for each country

Visit the SSCA collection on PreventionWeb

Who will use the SSCA and how?

• All participants in the multi-stakeholder mechanism for school safety will use it as a shared understanding of context.

• It is a starting point for collective identification of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats – and for national (or sub-national) strategic planning for school safety.

• It is a reference for rapid joint appeal in case of major disaster.

• It is a reference for orienting all partner staff engaged in the impacts of violence, conflict and natural hazards on education.

• The SSCA appendices provide both current data for reference and for institutional memory.

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