The Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES) is a multi-stakeholder mechanism composed of UN agencies, international organizations, and global networks. We are an alliance of partners, working to ensure that duty-bearers are able to:

Current members include: GFDRR, IFRC, INEE, Plan International, RET International, Risk RED, Save the Children, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNISDR and World Vision. The following regional and country level organizations also work with the Global Alliance: the Asia Pacific Coalition for School Safety and the Disaster Risk Management Education Sector for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our purposes are to strengthen global coordination, advocate for advancing a Comprehensive School Safety approach, and improve global information, resources and knowledge management on risk reduction and resilience education. In support of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, and Education 2030, GADRRRES promotes a comprehensive, ‘all hazards’ approach to risk reduction in the education sector, through policy, plans and programmes that are aligned with disaster management at national, regional, district and local school site levels. This GADRRRES approach rests on the three pillars of Comprehensive School Safety:

GADRRRES Membership Criteria

Obligatory membership criteria:

Members must commit to the following:

GADRRRES Membership process:

Any organization that are interested in becoming a GADRRRES member is invited to follow the steps described below to join as either a General Member, or a Regional Affiliate.

Every new application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee within 60 days after reception of the application.

Applicants for being a General Member of GADRRRES can be: a UN agency, an international organization or a network (inclusive of intergovernmental agencies) with a strong international mandate in both fields of disaster risk reduction and education.

[1] Every effort will be made to organise the face-to-face meeting at the time of the UNISDR Global Platforms for DRR or other key events and conferences at which the GADRRRES will have a significant presence.

To apply, please send the following documents to the GADRRRES Secretariat at: :


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