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Guidance, Tools, Research and Evidence

GADRRRES is committed to use the evidence generated by research to inform practice and policy decisions, and to capture the evidence generated from practice, to inform research and policy making.

Child-Centered Risk Reduction and School Safety Evidenc-based
Practice and Research Roadmap

GADRRRES members and the CoP are working together to develop a roadmap (guiding model) to

develop and deliver theory-supported and evidence-supported CCDRR and CSS frameworks and initiatives

monitor and evaluate these frameworks and initiatives

disseminate and implement the initiatives that work at scale

identify tools and guides developed by research to assist in meeting these main objectives

Read the draft CCDRR and CSS research roadmap (coming soon)

safe children

Safe Children, Safe Schools Community of Practice

GADRRRES established the Safe Children, Safe Schools Community of Practice (CoP) to engage the widest range of individuals and organizations with news, information, research and resources to develop knowledge, strategies, and policy and program impacts for child-centered risk reduction and school safety.

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Research Reports, Guidance and Tools

The guidance, tools, research and evidence are divided into three thematic areas:

Comprehensive School Safety Country Profiles

In 2017, we conducted the first global baseline survey of CSS policy in 65 countries. The results of each country’s responses to the survey are summarized in a CSS Policy Country Profile.

View the CSS Policy Country Profiles (coming soon)

Research into Action Briefs and Summaries

To support practitioners and policy makers understand the latest evidence from research, GADRRRES has partnered with researchers to produce Research into Action Briefs and Summaries. The briefs and summaries are concise literature reviews of research findings and best practices in discrete topic areas of relevance to program development and implementation. For practitioners and technical advisers. Summaries are a condensed version in plain language for practitioners.

Read the Research into Action Briefs and Summaries

Zotero Online Child-Centered Risk Reduction and School Safety Bibliography

A collection of academic research and grey literature on CCDRR and CSS, that can be continuously updated collectively by and on behalf of researchers, practitioners and policy staff is located online and is free to access.

Visit the CCDRR and CSS Bibliography (external site)

Case studies

Practical case studies have been developed to document successes in countries across the globe.

Read the Case Studies