Following the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in late 2005, a cluster was established to promote knowledge and education for Disaster Risk Reduction. The objectives of the cluster were to strengthen networking, create new partnerships, identify gaps, identify focus areas and collectively advance the achievement of the Hyogo Framework goals through knowledge and education. In 2006, the Cluster was formalized into the Thematic Platform on Knowledge and Education (TPKE), which was recognized as an UNISDR Thematic Platform. Since 2006, the TPKE, composed of relevant UN bodies, international NGOs, and selected regional partners, has made significant contributions to the conceptual development of DRR education and knowledge. In particular, the TPKE developed a strategic framework and guiding tools to support Governments as well as education and Disaster Risk Reduction practitioners in integrating Disaster Risk Reduction as part of school curricula and to develop educational safety initiatives at the national and local levels.

As the community of practice and governing global frameworks has evolved, so has the TPKE, which became the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector in 2013. In alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals and new plans of action in both the DRR and education spheres, GADRRRES again reviewed and updated its mission and objectives in 2016 to sharpen the working modalities needed to support effective coordination.