What we do

The current agenda of GADRRRES includes an active participation in the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction as well as in the ongoing process of defining the post-2015 global development goals. GADRRRES has developed and endorsed the Comprehensive School Safety Framework and actively promotes the Worldwide Initiative for School Safety.

Visit the Current Activities page of this website to learn more about ongoing joint work of GADRRRES. And for detailed information about other activities, be sure to visit the webpages of the four GADRRRES working groups, which are based on the primary pillars of the Comprehensive School Safety Framework (CSS).

The role of the working groups is to facilitate the exchange of information on the work of individual GADRRRES members, and to facilitate cooperation. While most of the GADRRRES members work on all pillars of the CSS framework, each working group has a lead organization(s) to manage the work and enhance accountability.

Working Group 1 - Safe Learning Facilities
Working Group 2 - School Disaster Management
Working Group 3 - Risk Reduction and Resilience Education
Working Group 4 - Policy and Advocacy