All Hazards, All Risk and Enabling Environment

Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) is addressed by education policies and plans aligned with disaster management at national, regional, district, and local school site levels.

The resources included in the tables below provide guidance on building this enabling institutional environment.

Policy Guidance

Core Documents
Comprehensive School Safety Framework CSS Targets and Indicators
LanguageResource TypeTitlePublisherYear
ENResearch ReportComprehensive School Safety FrameworkGADRRRES2017
EN, ZHResearch Report & Summary CSS Policy Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region--Research ReportGADRRRES2017
ENCase Studies Report & SummaryCSS Policy Trends: Case StudiesGADRRRES2017
ENResearch ReportASEAN Common Framework for Comprehensive School Safety ASSI2016
ENOnline TrainingComprehensive School Safety: Online LessonSave the Children2016
ENResearch Report Safe Schools Context AnalysisSave the Children, UNICEF2014
ENOnline TrainingChildren and Climate Change E-Learning CourseUN CC: Learn, UNICEF
ENPeer-Reviewed Journal Article Comprehensive school safety policy: A global baseline surveyInternational Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction2020

Practitioner Guidance

LanguageResource TypeTitlePublisherYear
ENOnline TrainingTraining Programme on Comprehensive School Safety and Education Sector Policies and PlansUNESCO, UNESCO-IIEP
ENResearch ReportGuidance Notes for Educational Planners: Integrating Conflict and Disaster Risk Reduction into Education Sector PlanningUNESCO-IIEP, UNICEF2011
ENOnline TrainingSafety, Resilience, and Social Cohesion: A Guide for Education Sector Planners and Online CourseUNESCO-IIEP, IBE, PEIC2015, 2017
ENBibliographic Database Child-centred risk reduction and Comprehensive School Safety Bibliographic DatabaseSave the Children2018
ENToolScalability assessment and planning (SAP) toolkitSave the Children2018
ENCase StudyPeace Building and Resilience Case StudiesUNESCO-IIEP, UNICEF2014, 2015, 2016
ENResearch ReportScalable approaches, methods, and tools for child-centred risk reduction and resilienceSave the Children2018
ENResearch into Action Brief & SummaryDeveloping and implementing comprehensive school safety policyGADRRRES2018
ENResearch into Action Brief & SummaryGender and disasters - Considering childrenGADRRRES2018
ENResearch into Action Brief & SummaryIncluding children in disaster risk reductionGADRRRES2018