Comprehensive School Safety Assessment Suite

In order to monitor and encourage progress towards school safety, GADRRRES Partners have developed the CSS Assessment Suite. The three tools are intended to be used flexibly and to be localized as appropriate to support the implementation of Comprehensive School Safety. The tools are designed for:

• Salience (relevant to comprehensive school safety)

• Scalability (designed for universal application)

• Sustainability (with local capacity)

• Effectiveness (outputs usable for action-planning)

• Efficiency (and affordability)

• Empowerment (rather than extractive)

The CSS Assessment Suite uses a triaged assessment approach to assist education sector actors to assess Comprehensive School Safety and identify the schools with the most critical unsafe conditions. The tools support policy makers and other education sector actors in the design of interventions and the allocation of resources to enhance CSS. The Suite includes three coordinated assessment tools:

Development of the CSS Assessment Suite is led by UNESCO, University of Udine, and RiskRapps, a partnership between RiskRED and Imagins.


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