Children and Climate Change E-Learning Course

Access the Children and Climate Change E-learning Course

The Children and Climate Change E-learning Course aims to raise awareness and knowledge about the impact of climate change on children and opportunities for action.  It also provides a child’s perspective in discussions on how to deal with this global crisis.

Participants will understand how children are and can be impacted by climate change, and how children's resilience can be strengthened. Learners will also reflect on solutions, focusing on the empowerment of children as actors of change, and on the key role that Governments can play in advancing children’s protection.  Several examples, interactive exercises, and links to external resources are made available to support the content.

The course targets government officials, development partners, and practitioners in the field of children, climate change, and development. However, it is accessible and free for anyone interested in the topic.

The module includes the following five sections:

This module is self-paced and takes around 2-3 hours to complete. A short quiz at the end allows participants to verify the achievement of the learning objectives. A certificate of completion is awarded to all participants successfully passing the final quiz with at least 70% of correct answers. The module is also available as a downloadable PowerPoint presentation and PDF file that can be used for offline study or for training purposes.

Resource: UN CC: Learn, UNICEF