ASEAN Common Framework for Comprehensive School Safety (ACFCSS)

The ASEAN Common Framework for Comprehensive School Safety (ACFCSS) presents the conceptual framework to enhance school safety against the adverse impacts of natural and man-made hazards for the ASEAN nations.  The ACFCSS operationalises the Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) Framework developed by the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES) for the Southeast Asia context.

The ACFCSS is developed to address the common challenges on school safety in the ASEAN region by addressing three interconnected pillars:

The Framework is intended to provide a conceptual basis of concerned agencies in the region, Ministries of Education and National Disaster Management Agencies in particular, to develop school safety interventions based on country-specific need and context, as well as guide the Member States on operationalisation of the framework to effectively translate the concept into concrete actions with substantive impacts.

The goals of the framework are to secure the safety and security of children in school from the impacts of all types of hazards, to ensure education continuity, and to uphold children’s rights to a quality basic education, including anticipation and mitigation of the impacts of known and expected hazards.


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