2nd ASEAN Regional Conference on School Safety

Posted on Sep 23rd 2021

(Photo credit: Thai Red Cross)

The 2nd ASEAN Regional Conference on School Safety was held on February, 14th – 15th 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. This second conference was hosted by the Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) as the co-chair to the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management Working Group on Prevention and Mitigation, collaborating with the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative (ASSI) consortium (Plan International, Save the Children, World Vision and Mercy Malaysia).

The conference built on the initial efforts of school safety programmes in the ASEAN region and was aimed at gathering representatives from the Ministries of Education (MOE) and National Disaster Management Organisations (NDMOs) to exchange knowledge and share learnings on school safety programming, discuss ASEAN region’s progress in implementing school safety and partnership, wider stakeholders’ engagement, and ways forward for school safety in ASEAN.

(Photo credit: Thai Red Cross)

More than 145 participants attended the conference discussing global, regional and national frameworks and mechanisms and sharing good practices to promote school safety in ASEAN region. ASEAN Member States (AMSs) also shared their strengthened commitments and short and long term plan to implement school safety and contribute to fulfilment of ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response Work Programme 2016-2020 (AWP 2016-2020).

ASSI consortium has managed to get across its advocacy messages to the AMSs including reiteration that school safety is fundamental to youth & children’s right to education and to create a culture of safety, the importance of collaboration and partnerships to promote school safety in ASEAN through and with GADRRRES, commitments to WISS, and APCSS, UN agencies and IFRC, and that other Sectors such as youth and civil society organisations in ASEAN stand ready to technically support AMSs. 

Side Event on Safe School Initiatives in Asia and the Pacific

The Side Event on Safe School Initiatives in Asia and the Pacific also took place at the 2nd ASEAN Conference on School Safety.  The event focused on enabling environment and knowledge management, and the regional collaborative effort in mobilising non-signatory countries to sign up for WISS and become a Safe Schools Champion country.  

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