WISS Technical Support Package

The Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools offers technical assistance and particular expertise to support interested Governments in implementing comprehensive school safety at the national level, and promotes good practices and achievements in safe school implementation for replication in other countries and regions. 

The WISS Technical Package provides key elements of support from GADRRRES partners for school safety implementation in WISS member countries.

Enabling Environment
Comprehensive School Safety Targets and Indicators
Online Lesson: Introduction to Comprehensive School Safety
Education Sector Snapshot for Comprehensive School Safety and Education in Emergencies
Training Programme on Comprehensive School Safety and Education Sector Policies and Plans
Child-Centered Multi-Hazard Assessment
Comprehensive School Safety Assessment Suite
Pillar 1 - Safe Learning Facilities
Towards Safer School Construction
Safer School Facilities
Pillar 2 - School Disaster Management
Participatory School Disaster Management
Online Lesson: Introduction to Participatory School Disaster Management
Pillar 3 - Risk Reduction and Resilience Education
Public Awareness & Public Education - Key Messages