Comprehensive School Safety Pillar 1: Safe Learning Facilities non-technical training

Location: Bangkok, Thailand,   Start Date: 08 Feb 2017, 9:00 AM,   End Date: 10 Feb 2017, 5:00 PM

In February 2017, the first pilot of the non-technical Safe Learning Facilities training was successfully completed in Bangkok, Thailand. The training package was developed by Save the Children and RiskRED in support of GADRRRES, with financial support from Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Resilience (GFDRR), and was piloted in cooperation with Plan International.  Participants from 12 countries were trained during the three-day event through interactive group learning and takeaway learner materials.

The training is designed to increase participants’ knowledge and skills to design, and provide oversight for projects involving school refurbishment, remodeling, retrofitting and new school construction, by applying an understanding of the Comprehensive School Safety Framework, and community-based approaches to meet ethical standards for safeguarding the lives of students and education sector workers.

The training covers:

The training is designed around the needs of NGO and government program and project designers, managers, and team members for projects that may include activities for school remodeling, refurbishment, retrofitting, or construction. 

Additional audiences include Senior Managers, technical specialists, school disaster management coordinators and focal points. 

Participants were required to complete pre-training activities to be eligible to attend the training, including the following reading and online course:

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